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Customers give A&B Groep an 8,6 for satisfaction

A&B Groep receives AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certificate

A&B Groep receives AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certificate

We are proud to inform you that A&B Groep has been awarded the AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certificate. This globally acknowledged certificate is exclusive to organisations within the Telecom sector. It represents that we meet the standards for ensuring technical, financial and operational efficiency in business telecommunication environments.

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Ron Rijkenberg, CEO A&B Groep

“Obtaining an AOTMP Efficiency First® certification is a logical step that fits perfectly in our strategic plan. It is an appreciation of our ambition to be a leading worldwide Telecom Expense Management player. It is clear from the customer ratings that our quality is highly appreciated and to now have it confirmed by the worldwide, objective and independent organisation AOTMP makes us very proud to be a certified organisation."

View the score card below showing an overall 8.6 mark.

A&B Groep ontvangt AOTMP Efficiency First Solution Certificaat


Satisfied customers gave A&B Groep an 8,6

We are very proud of these results after having been assessed by an impartial party such as AOTMP.

As part of the certification process our performance and experience were rated. A large number of A&B Groep customers were surveyed to evaluate their experience with A&B Groep. In-depth interviews were conducted with our current and past customers. We scored an 8.6 for general satisfaction and scored higher than an 8 in the segments of Account Management, Managed and Professional Services, Technical Systems, General Solutions and Value. We are very proud of these results after having been assessed by an impartial party such as AOTMP.

Other areas where A&B Groep scored well are: our extensive experience with worldwide Telecom providers, knowledge of billing engines and invoice readers, the design of our managed service, the global project team and our inventory accuracy processes.

The appreciation of our customers, independently evaluated by AOTMP:


More information on Efficiency First® Solution Certification

The AOTMP Efficiency First® Certified Solution status is awarded to organisations that successfully complete the certification program. The programme is made up of diagnostic and scoring elements where the organisation is assessed for providing a good fixed and mobile Telecom environment. This is done using the AOTMP’s Efficiency First® Framework.

Click here for the information on the AOTMP website.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes things easy for you!

Two out of three companies have no regulations in place for the use of mobile devices. Do you? Let’s assume that the smartphone of one of your employees is stolen or lost. What will happen to your business data in that case? Is an employee allowed to install applications on his iPad himself? Which server data is he able to access?

In order to reduce management expenses and to prevent confidential information from leaking out, a sound policy needs to be in place: Mobile Device Management. MDM enables you to safely, simply and efficiently manage all mobile devices used by your company.

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Jeugdhulp Friesland



"Insight and advice reinforced our bargaining position"

You have a (long-term) contract with your provider. Perhaps you have received offers to compare. How do you know whether they are in line with market conditions? Are the commercial conditions competitive? Does the contract fit the telephone use of your organisation? Is the provided solution up to date in terms of technology?

We understand the telecom market better than anyone else. We apply benchmarking, RFI- and RFP-procedures (Request for Information and Request for Proposal) to select the best provider, the best solution and the best contract for you.

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Rabo Vastgoedgroep

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