Since our founding in 1999, more than 15 years ago, A&B Groep has established itself as the leading consultancy group on the European Telecom market.

A&B Groep - with GTEM Solutions - assists and supports international business with vendor contracts managing complex telecommunications and network challenges, over 500 international businesses rely on our expertise and our trusted worldwide delivery capabilities.

Whether for fixed voice, mobile voice or data, we deal with any telecom challenges you have. We also provide insight and help you save on telecom expenses.

Our independent consultants fervently believe in operational support. Your ICT department has many responsibilities. The area of telecommunications (fixed, mobile, data networks) is so complex and extensive that clear insight is often lacking.

The operational support provided by A&B Groep relieves your ICT department from a considerable burden.

Service in telecom based on facts and figures!






Whether relating to fixed voice, mobile voice or data, you can rely on us to provide the best possible telecom management solutions. Moreover, we provide comprehensive insight into your telecommunications expenditure and help you reduce your telecom costs.

Auditing & Sourcing

In the Auditing & Sourcing stage, our independent consultants provide you with a clear and comprehensive overview of your current telecommunications position, thereby creating transparency and insight into areas that require optimisation and providing assistance in the optimisation process. They support and advise you in (re)negotiating new and current telecommunications contracts.

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Managed services

You obviously want the management of your telecom contracts and infrastructure to be simple. You also want to know the total cost and usage of telecommunications within your organisation. A&B Groep provides support in managing your internal telecommunications processes and making them cost-effective. A&B Groep offers G-TEM Solutions, your Global Telecom Expense Management Solutions.

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Operational Support

A one-stop-shop for all of your operational telecommunications challenges. A Tier 1 and Tier 2 helpdesk with dedicated members of staff whose role is to be the sole point of contact for both customers and end users.

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Consultants of A&B Groep are normal people with a healthy dose of common sense. Critical thinkers with a unique vision and with concern for your telecommunications.


  • How objective is your current telecom consultant?
  • Do you want people who think along and offer opinions?
  • Do you want opinions or facts?
  • Do you want reports or results?
  • Do you want good intentions or clear arrangements?
  • Do you want a quick deal or an involved partner?

The independent consultants of A&B Groep advise (inter)national corporations and offer assistance in creating a smarter approach to telecommunications. They offer guidance in procurement, choose the best solution for your infrastructure and help you change the calling behaviour of your employees.

Benchmarking 70%
Independent advise 95%
Telecom expense management 90%
Procurement 75%




Whether for fixed voice, mobile voice or data, we deal with all of your telecommunications issues. We also provide insight and help you save on your telecommunications costs.

A&B Groep has its own vision on telecommunications. Our vision represents more than 15 years of experience and is based on a pragmatic approach.

In summary, this leads to three insights:

  • Telecommunication is about more than saving costs
  • The starting point is user behaviour
  • A structural approach to telecom management is essential

Seeing that telecom management is a field in development, we continue to think about the future. We like to exchange opinions with you about what to do and how to make tomorrow better. This is where you can learn about our vision on the future in outline, which is usually when discussions begin. If you want to talk seriously, then contact us.