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A&B Groep is official IBM Auditing & Sourcing partner for the entire EMEA region. In addition to being Auditing & Sourcing partner, A&B Groep is a certified reseller of the IBM MobileFirst protect services.

For many years A&B Groep works closely together with IBM. In 2014 the partnership between both companies became even stronger due to the closer cooperation between A&B Groep and the IBM sales teams in the Benelux, United Kingdom and the Nordics. In projects IBM and A&B Groep work closely together and act as one organization. By offering Telecom Expense Management solutions to international enterprises we make it possible to assist these customers with their telecom management. These solutions always result in a complete overview in telecom contracts and the optimization of these contracts. After the optimization follows guidance and awareness. Always with the aim of achieving short, mid and long-term savings for companies and to manage those costs and contracts in the Telecom Expense Management platform.

In 2015 A&B Groep was nominated by IBM Benelux for the Outstanding IBM Commerce Award, based on the results of 2014. Read more >

In in 2016 we are proud to announce that A&B Groep has been awarded by IBM for outstanding Telecom Expense Management performance. Read more >

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BBMS stands for “Behaviour Based Management Software”, a solution by means of which to monitor and manage communication costs.

In close cooperation with cMerge IT, A&B Groep has developed the Telecom Expense Management solution, the so-called BBMS. BBMS stands for “Behaviour Based Management System”, a solution by means of which to monitor and manage communication costs. Our ICT expertise provides organisations with the ultimate TEM solution.

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A&B Groep and CBI Telecommunications Consultants complement each other. Whereas A&B Groep operates on the European market, CBI operates as the telecom specialist for North America and Canada.

A&B Groep is a partner of CBI Telecommunications Consultants. Together they share more than 20 years of experience in North America and Canada. As is the case with A&B Groep, CBI has a comprehensive Telecom Expense Management services portfolio. Do you want to know more about CBI Telecommunications Consultants?

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A&B Groep maintains excellent relationships with all relevant telecom and service providers in more than 21 countries. The consultants of A&B Groep do not work on a commission basis! As a customer you pay for the services provided by A&B Groep. A&B Groep's status as an independent organisation fully precludes any conflict of commercial interests. This means that all A&B Groep customers are given objective advice. This independent position enables us to remain objective and alert and to therefore deal with all contract negotiations on your behalf. Our cooperation with providers is based on expertise and the mutual respect we have for each other’s interests.