Here are 35 compelling reasons why corporations choose Telecom Expense Management


The team at A&B Groep has almost 2 decades of experience with all telecommunication invoices, auditing & expenditure - supporting procurement & global communications estate management via managed services. We deal with your telecom challenges for you and your ICT/Telecom team. This also provides relief for your financial colleagues, seeing that they are responsible for telecom-related purchases. 

Telecom Spend Analyse

By creating insight into your expenses and usage (= expenditure), you can achieve substantial savings in telecommunications. From analyses and reporting to substantiated advice.

    • We provide concrete tips and tricks guaranteed to lead to savings
    • Your telecom invoices are processed electronically
    • You have instant insight at any given moment
    • You receive reports on each of your telecom users.
    • You receive trend reports
    • You receive management reports
    • You receive monthly analyses and tips on how to save money


      • Telecom contracts are clarified
      • Collective contractual discounts are clarified
      • Your telecom rates plan (tariffs) with your provider is clarified instantly
      • Re-negotiable contracts are clarified, due to which you can optimise them at any given moment
      • Important contract data such as end dates and negotiation clauses are clarified.
      • This enables you to commence negotiations in time.

Employees (FTEs)

A&B Groep and Communication Lifecycle Management relieve you of many issues to deal with, thereby enabling you to:

      • reduce the number of employees assigned to order management;
      • reduce the number of administrative employees assigned to invoice verification;
      • allocate other duties to employees normally assigned to Telecom Management. Considerably reduce the time spent by them on telecommunications issues.


    • Effectively dealing with the multitude of invoices
    • Erroneous invoices are immediately identified and can be dealt with
    • Invoices are booked to the appropriate budget item
    • Unused telephone numbers (inactive employees) are identified and can immediately be disconnected.
    • Erroneously invoiced roaming rates are identified
    • Amounts invoiced twice are identified
    • Bill shock is avoided


Your operational procedures concerning telecom management are identified for the benefit of the entire organisation. This makes it easier for you to enforce those procedures and to:

  • monitor unauthorised calls
  • confront employees about inappropriate use

Unused outstanding services

Many companies see employees come and go. They have unused telephone lines. Offices are expanded or reduced in size, but the unused telecommunication facilities are not adequately disconnected. The result is a lot of unused capacity for which your telecom provider continues to charge you every month. You gain control over:

  • Unused mobile and fixed telephone numbers
  • Invoiced amounts relating to unused services
  • Unused mobile telephone numbers
  • Unused internet connections
  • Employees no longer employed by you but for whom you still have to pay
  • Hosting costs for unused applications
  • Zero use of mobile telephones is identified

Inventory clearing

If you pay for unused telecom services, you pay too much. You can certainly save money in this respect. Achieving these savings is only possible with a well-charted telecommunications infrastructure.

  • We draw up an inventory of your current telecommunications infrastructure
  • We chart everything for you
  • We discontinue unused telecom services
  • We optimise on a permanent basis, so that you always have control over expenditure and usage.


A&B Groep is independent, reliable and thoroughly professional. We are critical thinkers, we have our own vision and we are profoundly interested in your organisation's state of telecommunications.
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