Telecom Auditing & Sourcing


Do you currently have all of your telecom-related data conveniently available? Are your telecom contracts optimal, or can improvements be made? Are the monthly invoices you receive from your telecom provider correct?


In the Auditing & Sourcing stage, our independent consultants provide you with a comprehensive overview of your current telecommunications position. thus offering transparency, insight into areas that require optimisation and assistance in the optimisation process. They provide support and advise in (re)negotiating new and current telecommunications contracts.

Comprehensive assessment of your current telecom management

  • Together with you we chart your current telecom position.
  • You are given a fully comprehensive overview. This helps you make better decisions.

Contract & Invoice audits

Based on the assessment referred to above, we judge your current contracts with your provider.

  • Are the contracts you have in keeping with prevailing market rates?
  • Are the conditions in the contract negotiated by you at the time still appropriate for your current situation.
  • Are there any telecom subscriptions that are not used and can therefore be cancelled? These are costs which you can easily eliminate, if possible.

We conduct a comprehensive invoice inspection for your organisation, in which we check the invoices against what has been contractually agreed.

  • More than 11% of all invoice inspections conducted by A&B Groep reveal invoices which contradict agreements that were made.
  • Erroneous telecom invoices

In addition, 11% in erroneous invoices does not say anything about the size of the errors made. Especially when an error remains unnoticed for a number of years, the amounts involved can be very substantial, and credit notes amounting to € 100,000 are certainly no exception. One of the principal advantages is therefore yours for the taking by conducting a thorough inspection of your telecom invoices.

Read our blog: "Please note: erroneous invoices, a frequently occurring phenomenon. It also happens to you!"

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In the optimisation phase we look at the options for (re)negotiating your current telecom contracts.

Changes within your organisation mean that your telecom situation also changes. Employees come and go, mobile telephone subscriptions and/or mobile devices are no longer used, and your data network might no longer has enough capacity.

We also conduct a benchmark assessment in respect of other, similar contracts. This enables us to determine whether your current contract is still good enough for your organisation.

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