Telecom Expense Management Software

Telecom Expense Management Software

Telecom Expense Management Software from A&B Groep

One of A&B Groep’s most successful services is its own Telecom Expense Management Software.

  • Your telecom behaviour and usage are conveniently clarified
  • Reporting for fixed and mobile voice
  • Split Billing
  • Invoice auditing
  • Charging on
  • Worldwide and all telecom providers!

Our software offers you and your organisation independent and factual reporting in all disciplines: fixed telephony (voice & data), mobile telephony (voice & data) and data usage. It helps you deal with the available means of telecommunication more efficiently and provides support in managing:

  • Your telecom expenses
  • Telecom invoices
  • Telecom facilities

A&B Groep's Software is the perfect implementation tool for Telecom Expense Management. However, our software offers much more. You are simultaneously given access to the extensive experience and TEM expertise of A&B Groep.




From invoice management to behaviour analyses
  • Invoice management and processing >
    • Your telecom invoices are automatically processed
    • You have instant insight into the status of your expenses any time you wish.
  • Trend reporting and analyses
    • Usage reporting - The reports provide insight into the usage and behaviour of your employees
    • Trend reports - These reports reflect trends, enabling you to easily make adjustments in a timely manner
    • management reports - With these management reports we simplify your work as the party responsible for telecommunications You can instantly provide your management team with reliable data
    •  Regular invoice inspections - telecom invoices from your provider can be erroneous! By regularly inspecting your telecom invoices we see to it that you do not pay your provider too much. Read more >
    •  Charging on / cost allocation - Managing the allocation of budget items to the corresponding business units, cost centres and employees
    • Behaviour dynamics / analyses - Each month we provide analyses based on the behaviour of your users. This includes you, your management team and, if required, your staff.


Our TEM software is based on the philosophy that it has to connect with all requirements from a user perspective.

A&B Groep's TEM solution is based on the philosophy that it has to connect with all requirements from a user perspective. It is there to help you as the party responsible for telecommunications. Seeing that organisations differ, the software offers:

  • Simplicity and standard reporting to begin with, yet with sufficient powerful functionality to expand.
  • Support for everyone: end-users, controllers and experts in the field of TEM • A price structure linked to revenue (savings)
  • Fast and adequate response to measure by our own ICT department
  • No substantial investment to deal with specific user requirements.
  • Multi-vendor independence from telecom providers and support for all services
  • Benchmarking within the own history (trends) and based on organisations similar to yours.
  • Standard software for SaaS, due to which no specific knowledge is required
  • Support for international and national organisations
  • Service Desk support


Based on trends and analyses, the consultants of A&B Groep provide monthly tips and tricks with which you can realise concrete savings.

The prospect of saving costs undoubtedly sounds attractive to you, but how do you achieve concrete savings in telecommunications? Merely negotiating a low price often does not provide the most advantageous solution. Fast and structural savings are achieved by adapting an intelligent approach towards your purchase, conditions, infrastructure and phoning habits. The telephone behaviour referred to above is conveniently charted by means of behaviour dynamics. Thanks to the reports, your employees are confronted with their behaviour. being confronted with one’s own telephone behaviour often leads to a more efficient use of mobile telephones, which in turn leads to lower costs.

The result of Telecom Expense Management are demonstrable expense savings and an optimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). TCO is an addition of the most efficient use (behaviour) and the lowest rate. A&B Groep aims to provide the best possible solution for your organisation at the lowest possible TCO.



What really counts are the concrete recommendations which follow from the reporting. And how you can implement our recommendations within your organisation.

We at A&B Groep do not believe in Telecom Expense Management software as a mere product or service. The big difference between us and other consultancies is our capacity to use software as a tool, not a product by itself. Reporting is fine, but what information does it really contain? What really counts are the concrete recommendations which follow from the reporting. And how you can implement our recommendations within your organisation.

This is where added value really counts. Translating reports into substantiated advice and implementation.



Communication Lifecycle Management

This is how your organisation can formulate and implement a sound availability policy.

As described above, A&B Groep does not sell the software as a mere software application. With the tool comes an array of valuable recommendations. The use of our software and the provision of concrete recommendations is subject to a charge per user/number, and your investment in the tool leads to considerable savings on your part.

Communication Lifecycle Management: We assist enterprises to substantially reduce costs, gain visibility, optimise and manage their total communications estate. Read more on CLM



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