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GTEM Solutions, Global Telecom Expense Management Solutions

SaaS solutions tailored to your business needs.

Communications expense management simplified.

Managing a large scale communications infrastructure is very difficult, almost unmanageable and an endless frustration for large international businesses.

GTEM Solutions - Global Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Management capability enablement

    • Extract data from your providers for analysis of contract to tariff charges.
    • Improve and automate many manual processes.
    • Efficiently manage cost control and provisioning.
    • Enhance visibility to granular level, improving optimisation potential for the business.
    • Reduce overall communications cost, returning historical, current and future savings.
    • Analytics to support renegotiation of contracts and evidence for dispute resolution.

Our GTEM Services | May we assist you?

          • Auditing & Sourcing
          • Short, mid and long term savings
          • Optimalization
            • Software as a Service [SaaS] Solution
            • Platform tailored to your specific business needs
            • Operational Support

A&B Groep offers this flexible Telecom Expense Management as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This means that together we build a platform according to your requirements. Once the platform is operational, the staff of A&B Groep see to it that the platform is managed.

GTEM Solutions -> Decrease your Telecom and IT costs, optimize your contracts and help you effectively manage your total telecom disbursement.

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The staff of A&B Groep deal with your telecom challenges for you and your ICT/Telecom team. This also provides relief for your financial colleagues, seeing that they are responsible for telecom-related purchases. Below you find 35 concrete reasons in 7 categories.

Telecom Spend Analysis

  • Your telecom invoices are processed electronically
  • You have instant insight at any given moment
  • You receive management reports


  • Telecom contracts are clarified
  • Collective contractual discounts are clarified


  • monitor unauthorised calls
  • confront employees about inappropriate use


  • Effectively dealing with the multitude of invoices
  • Erroneous invoices are immediately identified and can be dealt with
  • Amounts invoiced twice are identified

Employees (FTEs)

  • reduce the number of employees assigned to order management;
  • reduce the number of administrative employees assigned to invoice verification;

Inventory clearing

    • We draw up an inventory of your current telecommunications infrastructure
    • We chart everything for you

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Do you currently have all of your telecom-related data conveniently available? Are your telecom contracts optimal, or can improvements be made? Are the monthly invoices you receive from your telecom provider correct?
In the Auditing & Sourcing stage, our independent consultants provide you with a comprehensive overview of your current telecommunications position. thus offering transparency, insight into areas that require optimisation and assistance in the optimisation process. They provide support and advise in (re)negotiating new and current telecommunications contracts.


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Global Telecom Expense Management




You will definitely achieve savings with GTEM Solutions!

We will present to you the short, mid and long term savings for your company.

Short Term Savings:

  • Factual short term savings opportunities.
  • Historische audit
  • Savings that we will implement and track for you.
  • Tracks all billing disputes in a central location
  • Stop all Zero usage devices

Mid Term Savings:

  • Detailed, pro-active monthly usage reports. [Management and end-users]
  • Effective end-user reports that create awareness and action within the organization, leading to mid-term savings.
  • Optimization of contracts based on our industry expertise and benchmarking.

Long Term Savings:

  • Contract negotiation assistance resulting in hard and soft Euro savings.


Benefits for your company:


  • Invoice loading and processing
  • Detailed trend reports and analysis
  • Cost allocation
  • Behaviour dynamics / analyses 

You will definitely achieve savings with GTEM Solutions!

Each month A&B Groep will provide analyses based on the behaviour of your users. This includes you, your management team and, if required, your staff.

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GTEM PLATFORM | Platform tailored to your business needs!

The Telecom Expense Management Software platform of A&B Groep

Communications lifecycle management remains a challenge for many companies. There are lots of moving parts – new orders, moves, changes, disconnects – all have an effect on contracts, carriers, commitment levels, invoices, charge validation and cost allocations. It all comes down to understanding communications lifecycle management and how it relates to the total cost of ownership.

Your company can leverage our solution to:

  • Optimize your telecom spend
  • Gain visibility over Telecom Expense Management company wide
  • Manage vendors and disputes
  • Track service and orders
  • Drive BI through actionable analytics
  • Reports on fixed and wireless
  • Validate invoices
  • Split Billing
  • Maintain and update inventory

GTEM Solutions also assist you with:

  • Mobile Device Management | The management of your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Secure your companies data
  • Choose your own devices
  • Bring your own devices

We deal with your telecom and IT challenges for you and your ICT/ Telecom team. This also provides relief for your financial colleagues!

telecom contracts


Managed Services | Operational Support


We will manage the platform for you so that your IT / Telecom team can focus on their main responsibilities. They are more than welcome to conact our Support Desk team [a multilingual Tier 1 and Tier 2 help desk service:
  • One-stop for all telecom inquiries
  • Our dedicated help desk staff provide immediate telephonic support
  • You only have one contact person
  • No need for you to approach your telecom provider(s)
  • No waiting and no options menus
  • We provide support and follow-up for the problem
  • Move, Add, Change en Delete Support (MACD support)
  • We assist in solving technical breakdowns
  • We help you solve problems with telecom invoices
  • Portering
  • Support with your mobile devices
  • Help with SIM card changes

24/7 Online ticket system. The status of your requests for service can be seen 24/7 via the online ticket system, and all requests for service are reported to you on a monthly basis

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GTEM Solutions | Rates

GTEM offers flexible pricing models based on client needs:

  • Number of subscriptions
  • Gain share
  • Fixed price


A&B Groep is independent, reliable and thoroughly professional. We are critical thinkers, we have our own vision and we are profoundly interested in your organisation's state of telecommunications. Call +31 (0) 165 750 600 for an appointment with one of our experts or fill in the contact form..

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