Acquisition meaningfully expands Calero’s global presence and strengthens its position as the industry’s leading telecom expense & managed mobility services provider
The consultants of A&B Groep are located all over the world. Mats Ajnesjo, SVP Nordics, Baltics and Ireland explains in this podcast: what iTelecom Expense Management is.
A&B Groep har konsulter över hela världen.Lyssna gärna på denna podcast där vår Senior Vice President för Norden, Baltikum och Irland, Mats Ajnesjo, pratar Telecom Expense Management [TEM]!
In a strategic partnership with market leader A&B Groep, Pedab Group AB will start offering GTEM Solutions in the Nordic, Baltic and French markets to provide telecom expense and mobility management.
We are pleased to announce the appointments of Victor Essenius and Jan Boen as new members to our Account Management team.
Efficiency First® Framework improves efficiency, performance and productivity within global organizations.
In order to best respond to the increasing demand for telecom expense and mobility management in Europe, the company started a crowd finance campaign via Collin Crowdfund. After the company raised € 30,000 within its own ...
We are pleased to announce that A&B Groep officially has met the standards to be certified in Information Security Management Systems: ISO / IEC 27001:2013