A&B Groep has been awarded by IBM for outstanding Telecom Expense Management performance

A&B Groep has been awarded by IBM for outstanding Telecom Expense Management performance
We are proud to announce that A&B Groep received the IBM GTS Business Partner Leadership Award for outstanding networking leadership.

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Amsterdam, April 2016

A&B Groep received the IBM 2016 Service Business Partner Leadership Award

For many years A&B Groep works closely together with IBM. In 2014 the partnership between both companies became even stronger due to the closer cooperation between A&B Groep and the IBM sales teams in the Benelux, United Kingdom and the Nordics. When working on mutual clients IBM and A&B Groep work closely together and act as one organization.

By offering Telecom Expense Management solutions to international enterprises A&B Groep makes it possible to assist these valuable customers with their telecom management. In 2015 A&B Groep was already a nominee for the IBM Outstanding Commerce award. Last Monday A&B Groep officially received the 2016 award.

Rudi Overmars [IBM GTS Volume Sales & Channel Leader Global Technology Services]

“IBM has decided to give A&B Groep the 2016 Services Business Partner Leadership Award. This is based on the fact that A&B Groep had a very interesting Telecom Expense Management [TEM] win in the Benelux in 2015 in a SO account and which resulted in considerable cost savings for customer. This approach from A&B Groep has high potential to be repeatable in 2016 and combined with the available deep TEM skills and the strong commercial drive to team with IBM sales teams and to perform marketing campaigns has led to this award.”

A&B Groep receives IBM Outstanding Award

(L) Jorg Wiedijk Global Marketing Director A&B Groep and (R) Rudi Overmars GTS Volume Sales & Channel Leader Global Technology Services IBM Benelux

Jorg Wiedijk [Global Marketing Director A&B Groep]

“We are very pleased with this award and with our strategic partnership with IBM. We have the same objective which is assisting our valuable customers with their company’s challenges. Telecom Expense Management is complex. If we can help our customers with making it easier, we all benefit. This award underlines our partnership with IBM.”

A&B Groep is Business Partner van IBM

A&B Groep:

A&B Groep was founded in 1999 and is now firmly established as the leading global Telecom Expense Management auditing and benchmarking business on a global scale. A&B Groep actively supports clients by optimising their local and international communications estates; enabling cost reduction and visibility, control, security and reporting capability. More than 500 global companies have come to safely rely on us. Whether for fixed telephony, mobile services or data networks.

GTEM Solutions | your global technology solutions platform

our SaaS and managed services TEM platform, centralises and produces a high level or granular view of the communications estate, as required. In combination with our services, GTEM Solutions provides financial and usage reporting, creating end-user awareness of areas that need to be addressed. GTEM Solutions is the most robust mobility management platform that spans across devices, users, applications, documents and expenses. We work with our clients to tailor the right solution for their business. Visit our website for more information. www.ab-groep.eu



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