A&B Groep raised € 370,000 within 10 hours for international growth

A&B Groep raised € 370,000 within 10 hours for international growth
In order to best respond to the increasing demand for telecom expense and mobility management in Europe, the company started a crowd finance campaign via Collin Crowdfund. After the company raised € 30,000 within its own network, the loan of a further € 370,000 was covered by 355 investors within a mere 10 hours.

Roosendaal, June 2016

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A&B Groep raised € 370,000 within 10 hours for international growth

The number of internationally operating companies that call in assistance for managing their telecommunication, including the optimisation of telecom contracts and the management of complex telecommunication issues, is continuously growing. The Dutch company A&B Groep responds to this growth under the denominators ‘Telecom Expense Management’ and ‘Enterprise Mobility’. This company assists organisations that operate in the complex telecom market in more than 30 countries worldwide.

In a time in which internet and mobile telephony are essential for any company, the conclusion of sharp and solid telecom contracts, particularly for internationally operating companies, is of paramount importance. Where many Dutch companies previously missed out on many opportunities, the tide has turned, is the conclusion of A&B Groep. Ron Rijkenberg, CEO A&B Groep: “The international telecom markets are so complex that companies that are active in multiple countries find it almost impossible to conclude good contracts. Contracts with one and the same provider are often concluded per country. Our knowledge of the European telecom markets will help companies optimise existing contracts and negotiate new contracts.”

Cost Savings and Incorrect Invoices

In addition to optimising existing contracts and concluding new ones, A&B Groep will also help companies gain more insight into cost savings in the short, mid and long term. With the aid of the Telecom Expense Management Platform GTEM Solutions, which was developed under their own management, mobile and fixed telephony costs are analysed and invoices are checked and, where possible, passed on. Rijkenberg: “In our analyses we compare the invoiced costs against the underlying contracts, among other things. It is not uncommon that the amounts invoiced are higher than was agreed upon in the contract. The research we conducted showed that 11% of telecom invoices are incorrect! Increasingly complex constructions and bundles make it very difficult for providers to faultlessly process the invoices in their own systems. However, the telecom providers are responsible for the invoice they send to the customer. And when it concerns thousands of employees, the costs can run high.”

Worlwide Operating Organisation

Although Telecom Expense Management is widely accepted in the USA, it is still in its infancy in Europe. A&B Groep has noted that the number of internationally operating companies that opt for a professional management of their telecom services is on the increase. Ron Rijkenberg: “The importance of telecom and data to the organisation as well as the associated costs, are simply too substantial to not approach these in a professional manner.” To also provide the best possible support to customers active in the USA, the company will, in the nearby future, merge with an American colleague company with great knowledge of the Canadian, Mexican, and North and South American markets. In its turn, A&B Groep will share its expertise of the EMEA region. Rijkenberg: “After the merger we will have become a fully fledged globally operating organisation offering its services worldwide and with the knowledge of the many local telecom markets as our most important asset.”

€ 370,000 in 10 hours

To adequately manage the anticipated growth, A&B Groep required a growth capital of € 400,000. In addition to ICT investments, this amount will be used for the recruitment of new staff in the countries in which A&B Groep is active. After an initial € 30,000, which was raised from within the company's network in the past few days, the campaign went live on the Collin Crowdfund platform on Thursday morning ,9 June, at 11:00 AM. Within 10 hours the loan was covered. A total of 355 investors invested an average of € 1,126 in A&B Groep. In exchange for the three-year loan, the investors will receive a fixed annual interest of 6.5%.

A&B Groep haalt aanzienlijk bedrag op met crowdfunding

Over A&B Groep

A&B Groep was founded in 1999 and is now firmly established as the leading global Telecom Expense Management auditing and benchmarking business on a global scale. A&B Groep actively supports clients by optimising their local and international communications estates; enabling cost reduction and visibility, control, security and reporting capability. More than 500 global companies have come to safely rely on us. Whether for fixed telephony, mobile services or data networks. GTEM Solutions | your global technology solutions platform our SaaS and managed services TEM platform, centralises and produces a high level or granular view of the communications estate, as required. In combination with our services, GTEM Solutions provides financial and usage reporting, creating end-user awareness of areas that need to be addressed. GTEM Solutions is the most robust mobility management platform that spans across devices, users, applications, documents and expenses. We work with our clients to tailor the right solution for their business. Visit our website for more information. www.ab-groep.eu

Over Collin Crowdfund

Collin uses its online platform to create a bridge between investors looking for more yield and ambitious companies in need of financing. Companies with a financing need of € 50,000 to € 2,500,000 can approach Collin. Where possible and expedient, Collin will collaborate with banks, management consulting firms and accountants to realise these loans. In order to ensure the success of both the investor and entrepreneur there is a meticulous screening process in place. In this respect Collin works with ‘Crowdfund Coaches’ who guide the entrepreneur through the process. Even after the loan has been realised, the Crowdfund Coach coordinates the information exchange between the entrepreneur and the investors who provided the loan. www.collincrowdfund.nl

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