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Acquisition meaningfully expands Calero’s global presence and strengthens its position as the industry’s leading telecom expense & managed mobility services provider
11-01-2018 09:30,
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The consultants of A&B Groep are located all over the world. Mats Ajnesjo, SVP Nordics, Baltics and Ireland explains in this podcast: what iTelecom Expense Management is.
24-03-2017 11:12,
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A&B Groep har konsulter över hela världen.Lyssna gärna på denna podcast där vår Senior Vice President för Norden, Baltikum och Irland, Mats Ajnesjo, pratar Telecom Expense Management [TEM]!
24-03-2017 10:23,
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In a strategic partnership with market leader A&B Groep, Pedab Group AB will start offering GTEM Solutions in the Nordic, Baltic and French markets to provide telecom expense and mobility management.
25-07-2016 17:39,
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We are pleased to announce the appointments of Victor Essenius and Jan Boen as new members to our Account Management team.
25-07-2016 13:58,
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